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Hey guys,
I'm here with latest and working proxies proxy and a proxy article that I put half today and a half tommorow, and the end of second part I'll also mention the authors website and name.
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2. Half of article

How To Surf Blocked Sites From Schools?

Internet has become the biggest source of information for present world. However, the freedom of surfing is ceased in places like schools and colleges. In such places, where they cannot risk students and workers using porn and other objectionable sites which drive them off their duties, surfing has become a difficult task. The internet providers in such places block these sites and therefore the students and workers are restricted from using many resources.

Because of this, they are not able to use many valuable resources of the online world. And in certain situations, we are supposed to cross the limit. In such a time, people can either stay helpless as usual or just use a simple means to cross the boundary. One of such means is a proxy. With a proxy, users are able to visit a blocked site with the impression that he or she is visiting another site which is not blocked.

However, time changes everything. Once, the internet providers know that the users are using proxies to visit the blocked sites, they also start blocking those proxies used by their users. This is the biggest problem at present. Almost every online surfer knows about anonymous browsing and how to use anonymity as a way to visit blocked sites. But almost all of those proxy sites they know are also blocked by the provider. So, the problem is no more about using or not using a anonymous site but it's also about whether the proxy site they are trying to use is blocked or not.

Here is today's daily browser proxy for all of you guys,by using proxies in home you can secure your surfing on the net and hide your self against internet threats, So use them regulary, it won't hurt you!

I'm here with latest proxies as always.
Use proxy to surf secure and stay invisible to hackers, they help you to hide your computer by changing your IP (Internet Protocol), So as you see proxies are really useful and helpful.
Enjoy proxies below

I went to travel but due to the problem happened to me I couldn't countinue and I'm again back for a few days,
As always here is today's unblockers , enjoy using these fast facebox unblockers

Feb 22, 2008 Proxies:

Hey guys ,
I'm not available for 2-3 days
I've found more unblockers for these 3 days,
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here is today's proxies:

here is a short article about proxies:

Proxy Sites Explained

You might have heard people talking about proxy sites but not really known what they were. I thought I would post what I know about them to help you out if you have questions.

What are proxy sites?

Proxies allow you to keep your personal information and IP safe from spyware and prying eyes. Every time you log on to the internet and go to a site you are exposing your IP and personal information to prying eyes on the web. If you are interested in your personal privacy you will enjoy the free service proxy sites can provide you. Proxies can give you protection anytime.

OK, so my personal information is safe, but why else would I need to use one?

Not only can proxies protect you, but they can allow you to surf the web anonymously and access sites that your school or work might block from you. Everyone's probably experienced a time at work where you're bored, on break, or need to check your personal sites for important reasons only to be blocked by your school's firewall or security software. Why should we not be able to access these sites when we need them? Well, with php proxies you can bypass these firewalls and filters. It's possible to go indirectly to your favorite sites. You can now browse your favorite sites without being blocked while you are at work or school. You can unblock websites like Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Friendster. We can all take the internet back from these filters and experience the web as it was meant to be: freely.

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Here is today's Proxies .

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proxy at school

Feb 16 2008 P r o x i e s

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Today's fast proxies

Feb 16 2008 Proxies

We are the winners against the school firewall, lol.
With these proxies easily unblock myspace,
bebo, friendster, Hi5, facebook, youtube!

Proxies for Feb 14, 2008

Hey guys

Don't just use proxies in school but use them in home too, because you can

surf securely with them but don't share your very important data while you are using them.

Very important data I mean credit card or doing shopping through them.

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Here is today's proxies as always:

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Feb 10, 2008

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Some schools filter "proxy" word when students want to search in google or other search engines for proksis, So I wrote proksi to tell you I know what are your problems in school, as I'm student. we will defeat school firewall !
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Feb 09, 2008 Proxies:

Proxies for Feb 2, 2008

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