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Proxies for Jan 28, 2008

and today's article:

Proxy Sites Explained

You might have heard people talking about proxy sites but not really known what they were. I thought I would post what I know about them to help you out if you have questions.

What are proxy sites?

Proxies allow you to keep your personal information and IP safe from spyware and prying eyes. Every time you log on to the internet and go to a site you are exposing your IP and personal information to prying eyes on the web. If you are interested in your personal privacy you will enjoy the free service proxy sites can provide you. Proxies can give you protection anytime.

OK, so my personal information is safe, but why else would I need to use one?

Not only can proxies protect you, but they can allow you to surf the web anonymously and access sites that your school or work might block from you. Everyone's probably experienced a time at work where you're bored, on break, or need to check your personal sites for important reasons only to be blocked by your school's firewall or security software. Why should we not be able to access these sites when we need them? Well, with php proxies you can bypass these firewalls and filters. It's possible to go indirectly to your favorite sites. You can now browse your favorite sites without being blocked while you are at work or school. You can unblock websites like Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Friendster. We can all take the internet back from these filters and experience the web as it was meant to be: freely.

Does it cost money to subscribe?

Almost all proxies are free to use, but some make you subscribe.

Where do I find Proxy sites?

I've been finding proxy sites for free since high school to play games, access social sites, and shop by just doing simple google searches for proxy sites or looking them up proxy directories. They are easy to find I've stumbled across some pretty good sites, and here are some ones I have been using lately.

Is there any legal risk to using a proxy site?
No, there aren't. Unless you are using the internet for illegal purposes.

If you know some good proxy sites, feel free to let me know as I'm always interested in accessing sites where ever I log on to the internet. Hope this helped clear up any questions you have about proxies.

Proxies for Jan 24, 2008!

Using Proxies Online

A proxy is an IP (internet protocol) that you can use while you surf to hide yours. Practically is a server with an internet connection with a configured proxy software usually running on linux. The usual ports for proxy are 80 and 3124-3128 and the most proxies can be found in United States Of America and Russia. You surf the internet through that server. You send requests to it and it gives you back the results (websites, most often).

It is really simple and a PHP or CGI proxy can be installed in 2 minutes. See an example on That`s the reason that there are thousands of proxy websites. But that is not a bad think, because there is variety and variety is good.

My recommendation is to start using proxy to protect your anonymity and privacy. I don`t think you want others to know what websites you are surfing. Also proxies are absolutely legal, but only if you use them in legal ways. You should never use a proxy for internet fraud or other illegal or immoral purposes. A proxy could also help you to visit or join a website that your own ip is banned. Or you could visit websites that simply don`t allow your country.

The PHP proxies are web proxy scripts written in php scripting language that are very easy to use. You just have to insert the website`s url in a form and press a button. then you are ready, you are now surfing the desired website using a proxy and having a protected anonymity and privacy. CGI proxy is almost the same as PHP, but is a bit more complex and is written in CGI scripting language. It is a good proxy and helps very much for you to be anonymous.

You can even surf websites without their owners knowing you are using a proxy.

As this is the most easy to use proxy, i recommend to start using it. It has only a few bad sides, first one is that you have a frame sometimes with ads.

There are 3 types of proxy, but only 2 of them differ more:

* Browser proxy

* CGI proxy

* PHP proxy

PHP and CGI proxies are basically the same, only the programming/scripting language differs. There is a form where you insert the link of the website you want to visit and you are ready.

The browser proxy requires you to set some settings in the browser, including adding a proxy address and a port ( e.g )

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Jan 22, 2008

Happy new year to you and your family, Sorry if I'm late,always problems.
I'll update this blog as I did,also bring one article for those of you who doesn't know what is a proxy site, after article you'll find today's proxies, and from now on, the format of my post will be like this.
I wish you successful year.

-Proxy Sites - What Are They?

Have you heard the words proxy server or proxy site? If you have, but you do not know what it means you will want to read on. I confess to being a little ignorant in the world of online websites and proxy sites. You see I may be handy at finding things, but that doesn’t mean I understand how it all works. So first of all to understand what a proxy site is you need to know what they are.

A proxy site or server allows you to surf the Internet with a buffer. In other words the proxy server will hide your IP address while providing you with information. Often a proxy server will help you download pages quicker or files with more speed. This is helpful if you like to download music, movies, or other files to your computer and want to remain safe.

Proxy sites are often where you can locate these proxy servers. If you are interested in finding a proxy site you just need to search for them with a search engine. Google or even Yahoo! can point you towards proxy sites. The proxy sites allow you to find a proxy server that will help you remain anonymous online while you are downloading your files.

The benefit of course is the faster speed you can get your downloads. When you spend hours online finding music to download to your phone or MP3 player you want to know that your files are being downloaded as fast as possible. Other reasons or benefits for using proxy sites is the hidden IP address. You can search online while making it difficult for hackers to infiltrate you computer with viruses or other damaging things. Proxy sites have been created to protect you and make downloads move at a better pace. You probably didn’t even know you where using a proxy site when you downloaded music and it gives you two or three places to download from.

Written by Karl Amerson. Find the latest proxy directory as well as a proxy sites blog.

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