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Chelation - an alternative to bypass

If the doctor started, the timing for my wife jugular problem, I shouted "Stop!" I never seen any empirical evidence that the bypass road is someone could prolong life, as is already dying, and I saw lots of evidence that surgery could be reduced.

So I called the chief of cardiology at the hospital north of California to the consultation on my dilemma. My roommate, we were at school cycle and was still in contact. I knew that for the three bypass operations a few years ago. I knew that I have ever had, and he was in good health, robust. Is there a better mentor, I managed to do?

My wife has never exploitation of both. It was more than twenty years and a final ultrasound showed his arteries clear. Each year, 800,000 people in the United States atherosclerosis and its complications, despite all the medical and surgical available. Bypass is an excellent way for doctors to rebuild, but nothing for the elimination of problems related to the operation in the first place - it is blocked arteries.

The result of my recommendations was a call to the doctor, chelation proposed as an alternative to bypass operations. In those days, chelating agents was, and is now regarded as "experimental". Despite the fact that, according to Dr. Bruce Halstead (Halstead 1979), has over two million requests for chelation therapy, including about 100 nillion IV infusions, without a single death in the United States. Position yourself over the operation!

In 1987, is the only means of chelation therapy, the infusion. It was a long time to process, the expiration of several months. But it worked, to the astonishment of many doctors who have everything within its power to discredit the proceedings. People with severe blocked arteries May to go even IV, but also for less critical oral chelation, there are products that work well and often, depending on your situation, you do not have to be followed by a doctor if she will. Are only a little longer to work its magic. In the preferential treatment of surgery and bonus, but this is not an operation, no stent placement, any invasive procedure can be done. Chelattherapie removes your arteries. It works! Do not lie down for the surgery. You do not have the for.

For most people, web proxy server is unknown and unexplored field, but can be very useful in some cases. In essence, the Web proxy server, proxy servers, which will bypass filters and blocks, you can prevent you from visiting certain websites. Many schools and workplaces have a filter in place so that people that their computers can also access the Hotmail account, let alone social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace. Moreover, most people know that the government block in May, citizens against visiting certain websites. China, for example, has a significant block of people can see what the Internet. We should not assume that the western countries had no blocks.

A sign that the site is locked, your IP address is just that the page will not load. You can count on the obstacles to the use of proxy. Proxy server entry only web addresses that you want to visit in the search box on its website. Then visit the website address via a proxy IP, not in their own country. Chances are, now will be able to be there.

If you use a proxy for the entire duration that in some cases you can use the computer to access the Internet via a web proxy. This may be the improvement of safety, if you believe that the Internet will be able to monitor the habits to be used against you in one form or another. Unfortunately, you choose the lawyer amended by criminals to monitor and password, personal financial information, you may be able to real problems. It is therefore necessary to time for serious research and secure proxy servers.

Students in schools and universities can be paralyzed by overly strict controls on software research, such as protection can exclude certain words, as Vice negative sense. Defects in the security and access to the search for a proxy server, a much broader range of search results to assist the mission of the school.

Of course, it would be naive to believe that the school would only want their school security systems for educational purposes. Most of them, tell your friends to his favorite social networking site, regardless of the e-mail or play computer games. This unit also wants employees to use proxy work.

There are other important advantages of using the proxy. Your IP address is hidden meaning, that is not checked on the website to sell corporate spy software, or search for criminals steal your personal data.

It is important to understand that you still use the proxy server, so if you choose to circumvent the controls displaying Web pages, make sure that illegally. There are real benefits for proxy servers in a controlled environment, you the freedom to move if you want on the Internet. However, understanding the laws and international laws and responsibly with proxy servers. This is no way to cheat and the prosecuting authorities, as a proxy may be in a log.