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Hello Dear Valued Visitor,
Sorry for the long time and no update, because of some problems I couldn't update the blog. Since problems always happen I can't tell you that I can't update the blog before.Any way I continue to update this proxy blog, So don't worry ;-)
Latest and fresh free proxies, yours:

Hey guys and gals,
I didn't update the blog for long time and I apologize,here is the best, latest and fresh school proxies that are working for now,don't forget to leave your comments,


You may ask yourself why I updated the blog today, dear visitors, although today is Saturday but there are many people that are going to places that they can't access internet freely, for example they go to office. So I updated the blog to notify you that I didn't forget you dear clerk :-)

Latest unblockers:

Hello guys,
Today's super proxies has been arrived, feel free to unblock every website you like and don't forget to bookmark our blog or join Our Google Group to get the latest news around proxies and of course latest proxies.
Enjoy and don't forget to drop me a comment.
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Here is today's unseen proxies, the proxies that are still unseen by school, use them freely and secure your surfing over internet and don't forget to take care of your self . your comments always makes me smile and gives me energy, So please be kind enough to leave a comment,


I'm here with super proxies again, I choose exactly the proxies you want, I mean they are fast, new and 2008 proxies, and they are not blocked by the schools for now, Hope you enjoy them and don't forget us while you're on myspace, facebook, friendster, Hi5 etc.
Latest Proxies for Mar. 11

Hello friends,
As always , I brang you the best and latest proxies in the industry to secure yourself when surfing online and bypassing school filters,

Scripts: PHProxy

Speed: Fast

Hope you enjoy them,

We always select the best and fastest proxies for you guys to enjoy them when using this proxies at school, college and office or work place. leave me comments if you feel any thing needs to be added,
These peoxies are fast, reliable, safe and all are brand new proxies.
Find all free online proxies that aren't being blocked by schools for now here.

Mar 05 Proxies:

don't forget to leave comments if my post helped you :)
Good Luck

Hey guys,
I'm here again, sorry for the delay,
I need to know somethings about my blog, can you please tell me what this blog needs to get better?Every opinion about this blog from colors to posts, Top 3 answers will get a valued e-book priced at $47.just leave your e-mail in your comment.
Thanks again to those who always support me by e-mailing and encourage me, it means a lot to me, :)
unblock everything, brand new proxies :

(Don't worry about the numbers in the beginning of proxy urls, just click on the selected proxy, the numbers won't affect proxy's url :-) )


Second part of article:

Here comes the solution to this problem. A few sites provide lists of proxy sites which are updated regularly so that by the time users find these proxies, they will allowed by their internet providers. Also, once a proxy has been blocked, they will release or come up with new proxies. Some of these sites also have emailing facility through which they will email you lists of proxy sites every day or every week. This will keep you updated in the knowledge of anonymous browsing and in fact, is the only solution at the time. But, I also warn you not to disclose your email to suspicious sites. Many sites can simple take your email and spam you later or just sell your email to other companies.

Ok, where will I find these sites??

There are many sites that I can list but the best way is to have a little search on Google or yahoo. You would probably search for the keyword "latest proxy sites". Or you can simply visit my site which offers the same facilities I mentioned above.

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